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    Culture Hero takes good cultures to great cultures, via the transformative power of play.


    We equip people with the skills and mindset needed to thrive in uncertainty. Diving deep into what it takes to foster psychological safety, creativity, adaptability, and good personal leadership.


    We’ve worked with a host of industry leaders across medical, financial, retail, insurance (and more), to design truly people-centric cultures that deliver real business results.

  • Selected Adventures

    "To say 'yes' is to make a leap of faith, to risk oneself in a new and often scary relationship"

    ― Patricia Ryan Madson, Improv Wisdom: Don't Prepare, Just Show Up

    The Moth Melbourne StorySLAMs


    I repped NYC's The Moth in Australia from 2015, as Local Producer, running over 75 open mic StorySLAMs (and counting)! Over 700 storytellers have jumped up and shared a story from their own lives with a room of strangers.

    It's a magical event and remains very close to my heart.

    I have also been known to get up and share a story of my own from time to time.


    2019 +

    In early 2019, I was introduced to the Kaospilot methodology of learning design.

    Oh boy - "transformational" is an understatement!

    After completing the local Masterclass in April, I traveled to Aarhus, Denmark to further my experience at KaosHQ. I am hooked!

    I would recommend this training to anyone who develops programs of learning - whether online or in person; adult or child.

    PS. I'm now certified Master Archer and Experience Designer!

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